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Synthesis Essay Sample

The world today is awash with so much information. However, obtaining relevant information in order to acquire a given knowledge is a process which entails synthesis. Piecing together information from multiple sources into a single coherent content is what constitutes a synthesis essay. One must be particular about what data they need for them to process relevant information. Sources of data are many and can either be in electronic form or in print form. Internet conveniently provides electronic sources of data such as online books, magazines, newspapers, journals, reports, interview videos and many more. Most of these sources of data can also be available in print form, especially books, magazines and newspapers. Noteworthy is that which source of data is easy and less costly to access.

Choosing sources of data is one thing and retrieving the data in order to condense them into information is another. It is for this reason that a student about to write a synthesis essay sample must beforehand be clear about their topic. A clear topic provides a vision for what is to be achieved. With a clear vision and direction of the task, then it is easier to proceed to seek out specific information required to accomplish the specific task. What this means is that a well-researched topic provides a concept for which one develops a direction and sets out to look for relevant information to synthesize to come up with a complete essay.

It is therefore evident that synthesis is the art of plucking data and knitting it into a thread of relevant information to come up with coherent and meaningful statements. This art needs some knowledge of basic research.

It is necessary to note at this point that synthesis essays have various categories. This is important because having the audience in mind; the writer is able to design the topic and content of their essay suitably. Below are the main types of synthesis essays;

The Main Types of Synthesis Essays

Explanatory Synthesis Essay

This type of essay aims at giving an in-depth explanation of an issue. Its purpose is to ‘break down’ and present factual information about a particular topic in a clear and concise manner to a reader. The writer sets out to help readers to understand the topic more and not make an argument which may leave the readers either more undecided or not persuaded. Therefore, explanatory synthesis essay samples do not contain opinions of the writers but accurate information and facts for the reader to be enlightened about the issues or topic. For instance,

The continued political and economic instability in Middle East countries and in Africa has been a key contributor to immigration into Europe. As at January 2018, reports that 22.4 million living in European Union were non-European Union citizens. Arrivals to Europe have been by sea and land. Since 2011, Arab countries such as Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia; and Sub-Saharan African countries such as Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo just to mention a few, have experienced political instability which in most cases have led to armed conflicts causing deaths and destruction of infrastructure. Citizens of these countries have witnessed untold sufferings. The political and economic stability in Europe has attracted them to find ways of leaving their war-torn countries to seek refuge and fresh beginnings in Europe.

Argumentative Synthesis Essay

Unlike explanatory synthesis essay which provides information and facts to enable one to get more understanding about an issue, argumentative synthesis essay presents a factual point of view about a topic or an issue logically. The purpose of this type of essay is to organize data and information in a manner that a thesis statement is supported. The writer is able to take a position and make an argument for it. An argumentative synthesis essay sample should have compelling reasoning for a reader to be persuaded.

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Synthesis Essays Standards

Having understood what a synthesis essay is and its main types, we may now proceed to look at what qualifies for synthesis essays standards. These standards include;

  1. The writer’s original ideas, thoughts and insights are supported by various sources. Relating and combining various sources to produce original thoughts and analysis is what a synthesis entails.
  2. Ideas and sources should be engaging to the reader and should allow for the raising of critical questions.
  3. The writer should have the audience in mind by making sure that the essay achieves its purpose. For example, an argumentative synthesis essay should be able convincing to the reader. This enhances the credibility of the writer.
  4. The essay should have a logical organization by having a clearly stated thesis, main points clearly stated and connected to the thesis and well-arranged paragraphs which flow well.
  5. Each idea should be developed properly by the use of examples and sources.
  6. Sentences should be clear and not in the passive voice.
  7. The essay should be proofread to avoid grammatical errors and mistakes.
  8. Proper citation and documentation are key for good formatting of the essay.

How to Write a Synthesis Essay

  1. Understand the topic task properly. This will enable to be clear about their purpose of writing and what their essay seeks to achieve. Furthermore, this will define the way one approaches their sources of data. In synthesis essay thesis samples, the topic provides the first insight into what to expect from the document. The topic should be one that can be researched and should be able to allow for the generation of much information needed for the essay. For example, from the topic ‘Immigration crisis and its benefits to Europe: A call for a policy rethink’ the writer sets out to discuss immigration crisis in Europe and how the block can capitalize on its benefits for development. The writer, therefore, will identify sources relating to immigration, how it is a crisis, its benefits and policy issues.
  2. Choose the sources of data and read carefully to identify relevant information to be used in the synthesis. As noted earlier, one needs to be deliberate about their sources of data in order to pick out relevant information for synthesis. Therefore, selecting well sources to be used is critical. One needs to choose credible multiple sources, read and understand how they relate to the topic. Based on the above European immigration topic, sources of data would range from newspapers, journals, reports, news to interviews with government officials and immigrants among others.
  3. Formulate and state clearly the thesis which will be the main idea in the synthesis. This also includes the topic or issue to be addressed. This is only made possible by obtaining adequate information about the topic. Regardless of the type of synthesis essay, the writer factually should present their thought and opinion about the topic, and the thesis statement is to achieve just that. A synthesis essay thesis sample would be as below;

Since 2014, the European Union has faced an immigration crisis which has further entrenched political and social crisis in member countries. Statistics show that in 2017 immigration to the European Union from non-European member countries stood at 2.4 million. This has called for urgent need to find solutions to the crisis, both in the short term and in the long term. While a considerable section of European citizens has openly expressed their displeasure with the higher numbers for whatever reasons, this article maintains that there is need to have an open dialogue about the positive aspects of the so-called immigration crisis. The conversation should ultimately lead to the formulation of policies to guide immigration within the block.

An examination of the merits of immigration into Europe shows that it has more benefits.

The above thesis statement makes a case for the need to develop policies around immigration in Europe by member states with a view to maximizing on the benefits presented by the phenomenon. The reader is able to identify the writer’s opinion on the topic.

  1. Develop a plan of how materials will be arranged to bring out the interaction between sources.
  2. Prepare the first draft following the plan developed. The first draft should be written in a manner that allows for adjustments and inclusion of fresh ideas and thoughts in the processes of writing.
  3. Sources should be documented well and in-text citation styles should be evident.
  4. Proofread the draft to ensure it flows logically and clearly top-down. Grammatical mistakes should be tackled.
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Synthesis Essay Outline

Synthesis essay samples, just as any other papers, should be structured. This helps in logical flow to assist the audience read through easily. Below are the highlights of what most synthesis essay writing samples entail;


This section is important because it gives the reader a bird’s view of the essay. The purpose and thesis statement is also articulated in this section. Moreover, introduction importantly establishes the rapport between the writer and the reader. Explanation of the topic and objective of the essay at this point determines whether the reader will proceed with the essay. The following is a synthesis essay introduction sample.

Immigration has become such a controversial issue in Europe since 2015. The numbers of immigrants from outside Europe seeking asylum and refuge has risen to crisis levels. In fact, European migrant crisis is a term that has been coined since the beginning of 2015 to describe the situation where rising numbers of people from other continents arrive from across the Mediterranean Sea or by land through Southeast Europe. Most of these immigrants come from Muslim countries in the Middle East and from Africa. Immigration has become controversial for so many reasons that this article seeks to illuminate. Opponents of immigration maintain that immigrants contribute to insecurity and acts of terrorism and organized crimes in host countries, and therefore there should stringent laws and policies restricting immigration. The opponents have protested and picketed to express their displeasure with the laxity of their governments to contain the issues. In some instances, the opposition to immigration has led to xenophobic and racial hatred and attacks which have caused injuries and even deaths. However, immigration is not a recent phenomenon and it is important to interrogate its causes and how its benefits can be converted into development. 

The above example of a synthesis essay introduction sample underscores the importance of the introductory section. The reader is able to get a feel of the topic and the thesis.


More details and information about the topic is found in the body of the essay. The body basically serves the function of filling up the gaps that are cited by the thesis statement. Using sources, the writer incorporates original ideas coherently in order to support the thesis statement. The synthesis essay writing samples available online shows that the body contains explanations and detailed factual information about the topic and thesis statement. In most cases synthesis essay analysis is to a great extent done at this point. The sources of information and the original thoughts of the writer are weighed against the reasoning and logic presented in this section.


The writer sums up the topic, thesis statement and the purpose of the essay in this segment. The reader is able to get in condensed form the entire article in the conclusion of the synthesis analysis essay sample.


In summary, a logically written article that presents arguments and explanation using various sources is referred to as a synthesis. Any student thinking about writing a synthesis essay must acquaint themselves with information necessary to accomplish the task in an acceptable manner. A synthesis essay is an art of combining various sources with original ideas to put a coherent explanation or argument about a given topic or issue. Coming up with a clear topic and thesis statement is critical to identifying sources of information upon which inferences are made. The sources are not an end but a means of making a logical argument. The sources simply offer information, perspectives, and a point of view so that the writer can make their reasoning. A synthesis essay can be used to explain a topic or advance a given argument about a topic. One must exercise good in-text citation and documentation when writing.


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