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How to Write a Book Report

What is a book report? You might have come across this phrase among the many academic writing students are typically tasked with. It is an essay that discusses the contents of a given book. What book reports do is that they give a summary of some of the key and essential aspects of a book. This can be aspects like the book’s title, the author’s information, plot summary and some of the critical characters in the book. All this is to assess whether the student has understood best what the book is all about.

A book report is different from a book review which asks the writer to come up with individual claims based on the book. To help you with how to write a book report college level, we’ve come up with a five-step process. We’re here to ensure that what you submit to the instructor is nothing short of perfect and you can rest assured of getting good grades at the end of it all.

How to Write a Book Report: 6 Steps to Follow

Let’s get you started on some of the steps on how to write a book report college level that you ought to be on the lookout for if indeed you in need of an outstanding paper;

1) Select the Book

If for some reason it comes down to you as a writer to select the book you want to analyze and write a report on, well, let’s say that’s the best thing that can ever happen to your book report writing experience. Winter is far from coming; take your time and select a book you find yourself most comfortable with and that you think might provide you with good points for your paper. Going for something you’re more connected to gives you an upper hand leave alone the will to work hard on it.

This can as well save you time that can instead be spent on sharpening more essential aspects of the book report. After selecting the book, you can now choose the title you’re so excited about. Go for a title you find thrilling and interesting, something that will keep you on toes without looking back. A good practice is to go for titles that are well covered in the story while at the same time, they’re trending. Trending titles will boost your excelling chances as you’ll be able to relate to the current worldly events easily. The book can be a fiction or nonfiction, whichever the case, as long as at the end of the day you stay relevant to the academic setting.

In some instances, you’re denied the freedom to choose your own. Instead, the instructors come with an already assigned book and title to major on. Here, it’s a call for you to stay liberal and be open to whatever might come your way. Most students find it hard when it comes to this, but once they start working on essay writing, they end up finding the book even more exciting.

Quick tip: Keep an open mind and what with what comes your way.

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2) Read the Book

It’s quite sensible that, for you to write a book report, you ought to have read the book, besides, what report will you be reporting about! Skimming, despite being a common practice among many students, is so much contraindicated when it comes to this. To make the situation even worse or should we say better, there are reports written on the same book that is available online, you just ought to click, and you have it all with you. This information can be quite tempting because most times you’ll find the book reports are written by scholars who are well informed as compared to a mere student like you.

Let this not fool you, be the good student that you’ve always been or wished to be and do the right thing. The online access to information is there to help you understand and get a better understanding on the dos and don’ts on how to write a book report university level with key areas you ought to major on. Use this information to guide you and don’t end up copy-pasting the information on your book report as this will be an act of cheating on your paper leave lone the consequences that come about with such actions. Take your time, read the book thoroughly and understand the gist of the author, his perspective, objectives, tone, use of character, styles and all that you’ll lay your eyes on. You need a quiet and suitable environment for your reading; we recommend libraries, chill parks or your bedroom.

Note taking is another crucial aspect you need to take note of. Have your tools nearby; this cannot and shouldn’t be taken for granted or else you’ll end up regretting no good reason. What you require is a pen and piece of paper to help you note down some of the critical points when analyzing the book. If for instance, you’re tasked with analyzing a hardcover book, sticky notes could come in handy to help you in marking some of the pages you’ll need for future reference. For those reading electronic books -commonest nowadays, there an option for you to use the annotation function to highlight essential leaves.

If tasked with fiction books, look out for the following questions on how to write a book report analysis and answer them;

On the other hand, when it comes to nonfiction books, how important the information is will be determined by choice of book. For instance; if a writer comes up with a book report on the colonization story, then the challenges the people faced while fighting for independence ought to be captured in the book report. An excellent guide can be the chapter titles. They can help you tell the more critical sections of the book you need to be keen on.

While at that, be on the lookout for the following on how to write a book report analysis:

3) Draft an Outline

When it comes to how to write a book report on a textbook, outlines should indeed be considered. This is just a guided arrangement on how the final report ought to be organized. This shouldn’t be fixed. Instead, a good outline should be open to necessary changes and arising ideas that might contribute significantly to your book report excelling. The whole essence of a book report outline is to help with time management as the structure will have made the work easier. Before we go ahead, revisit your book report outline and ensure the flow is systematic and is as required. Make the necessary deletions should there need be. Stay logical and be sensible. How to write a book report university level outline should have the author’s information, key characters, setting, and the book’s plot. Necessary quotations can help with sending the right message to your instructor. The number of quotations should be limited, at most one per paragraph. Don’t capture everything in the book, for that will mean retelling the whole story. A summary not exceeding 1500 words should be enough to get your message home. Not all characters and events are to be mentioned, look out for the major ones which the book can’t do without and leave the rest for the author. Read more on how to write a book report on a textbook outline to find out more.

Format styles

Do you know how to write a book report APA style? Well, if you do well for you, for those who don’t you can search online the different types of formats used. They can either be APA or MLA, whichever the case, the instructor will shade more light on this.

Relevant themes

How to write a book report high school requires you to come up with themes that will help gain a better understanding of the author’s perspective. Be brief and if possible highlight set paragraphs that bring them out clearly. How to write a book report analysis with themes on a fiction book, you can gather them from the thesis statement based on specific patterns they follow and their overall impact.

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4) Write the Book Report and Edit

Once you are issued with the assignment, you don’t just get a paper and does one time writing then submit. That’s not good practice, and it also increases your chances of making lots of mistakes. What you need to do is to have a draft, which is more like a rough sample of your work. In this rough paper, you ought to write down some of the ideas that come to your mind you choose to write in point form or paragraph wise. Drafting is an essential part of the writing process for it gives room for editing and rewriting the text whenever you find it unsatisfactory. You tend to hop in on and out of these processes until you finally settle for something fulfilling confident to submit. Of note, there is drafting and editing. These are two different processes that ought to be handled differently. One looks out for the grammar mistakes while the other is keen on the paper’s structure. The final copy is a printed form that is error free.

5) Proofread Your Work

On how to write a book report high school, proofreading ought to be done before submitting your work. It helps with pointing out some of the errors you might have made while writing. This is done at least twice. In the first, you ought to check for book report paper structure and its alignment in the whole body text. Then the next time, you ought to be correcting the grammar and spelling errors. After you’re done with the personal revision, seek for a second opinion on the same. There might be some mistakes you might have missed and a second opinion can help with that. This can be a family member, colleague or a senior student who passed through the same.

6) Polishing

The feedback and recommendations you receive from your second opinions review should help you with creating the final paper. Remember what was reviewed was a draft and not the final paper. Finish your work, do another check again, ensure you’ve adhered to all the instructions like the word count, spacing, font type, format style, structure.


Excelling in a book report assignment is not that hard. You need to be keen on the assignment requirements, and with the tips, we’ve just given you, it’s safe to say you’re in a good place. The ball is now on your court, make something out of it.

Are you a student with challenges on how to write a book report APA style? What do you still find hard? Let us know in the comments; we’re here to help.


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