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Dissertation Proposals

Preparation when starting to write a dissertation proposal outline can be a very hard task to accomplish. Essentially, the organization of the dissertation proposal template is supposed to be logical and adapted to academic requirements. To prepare such a document, the structural arrangement should be such that the document has an introduction, the main body in the form of literature review and the methods that will be used to generate qualitative or quantitative data needed. In essence, it is advised that a student formulates a short starting paragraph that is in congruence with the topic of discussion by always keeping in their mind the fact that the aim of a dissertation proposal template is to employ creativity and utmost ingenuity in providing a solution to a nagging problem. Before coming up with a good dissertation, research ought to be done in advance. The aim of the research, in this case, is to find out the most critical information that is needed and to dig out issues of interest to the writer.

Normally, students find it difficult to create a good topic for their dissertation proposal outline and that is why intensive research will help in generating ideas that can creatively aid the students in coming up with one. A search through multiple sources will not only jog up the mind but will also provide several alternatives in addition to providing a platform for comparing other works done previously to ensure that a student is not necessarily repeating the same work. Research has additional advantages such as helping one to draft questions in line with the objective of the research. How to write dissertation proposal is not an easy task when a student does not know where to start from or the correct data to apply in their work and that is why most research will be recommended several times. Coming up with a dissertation proposal topic will require a student to engage in the following steps.

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In most cases, the research subject that is generated at first are always wide but as the process of thinking continues, the students with the help of their professors are able to settle on good topics that are narrow and whose objectives are achievable. Formulation of the research questions together with the hypotheses will further impact the subject of discussion making it clear and feasible to the students. Bearing that research is a tool meant to establish the missing link, one’s deep involvement in the process will come to test when they are creating a sample of the dissertation proposal. To effectively have a good dissertation proposal the choice of questions must be considered given that complex questions may stall the process or lead to defective answers that could be misleading. So why write a dissertation proposal? This basically is a summary of ideas into a pathway that is worth following as you do the final dissertation paper.

The Literature Review

Any dissertation proposal example is not complete without a section that gives the readers information about your source of comparative literature from the experts or credible sources. Indeed, their literature materials are written to emphasize on the subject of research by either giving supportive or counter-arguments. An in-depth review of the literature is not only applicable when one is learning how to write dissertation proposal but when actually writing the proposal itself. The advice is to employ diversity in terms of the sources used and the authors so that the document that is a dissertation proposal do not draw from a single source.

Being an academic document, dissertation proposal should be characterized by possibly information from general literature such as books or reviews from other works previously done to address the same subject such as academic journals and publications which are current and not outdated. The best places to get these type of information include the libraries, the online credible publications and from newspapers and magazines. In summary, the literature should be both general and empirical revealing the most important perspectives form the authors and challenging your critical thinking. The writer must be able to generate a synthesis of the ideas presented.

The points within the dissertation proposal literature review section should factor in the following:

Note that the justification of the research works heavily relies on the identification of the existing deficiencies in the materials of research.

Research Methodology and Technique

There are various research methods that can be adopted by the researcher. Whichever the choice, it should be included in the dissertation proposal. If for instance, the method is triangulation, several factors informing the choice must be explained. Recognizing the fact that some techniques may pose some challenges is the first step to understanding how to choose the most appropriate for the research. Triangulation is the incorporation of more than one research method that may work for some work and not for all. The researcher must explain in his or her dissertation proposal whether the research will be qualitative or quantitative. If it is both, then it simply means that the method being used is triangulation.  Triangulation is given as a viable dissertation proposal example for data collection because of its reliability and the fact that several methods.

Ethical Considerations

Academic researchers are bound to run into some ethical issues, and for that reason, it is important for the student to put into light the possibility of such cases arising and how they intend to deal with them. For example, addressing the margin of error that will definitely occur, conflict of interest from the respondents and addressing the confidential information put forth by the respondents in a manner that is acceptable and that does not breach their privacy or hire essay writer. Failure to address the ethical concerns will warrant a dissertation proposal paper a zero.

Citations and Referencing

To give the dissertation proposal paper credibility and qualify it as an academic document, the writer must not fail to identify credible sources and thereafter list them as a way of recognizing where he or she got the materials informing the paper form. In-text citation takes care of the information within the paper and the list of bibliography details more information about the authors or the author of the material used.

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Dissertation Proposal Example

Despite the fact that several dissertation proposal examples are available online and in the libraries, there is a need for a student to get a sample of a dissertation proposal that is appropriate and that has an acceptable structure besides meeting the institutional requirements.

Writing a dissertation proposal that captures Mathematical Prototype for Acquiring knowledge, the logical step to initiate would be to have a starting that is center on the subject, and that appreciates the institution one is attached to given that he or she will be able to get a lot of information from there.

Summation of the paper plus objectives and goals should be given in addition to abstract at the very beginning of a sample of dissertation proposal but on a separate page to give an idea of the entire dissertation proposal. Thereafter, the data organization is put in a manner such that it is in various parts as shown in the instance below:

  1. This is where the reasons behind the research are disclosed to the readers, in addition, to explain various technical and empirical terms that the paper will have.
  2. Thesis statement and stamen of the problem:
  3. The complexity of researching mathematical prototypes for acquiring knowledge.
  4. Prototypes for Education and Reasoning;
  5. The reasons informing Pythagoras theorem and other mathematical theories.
    • Explanations of mathematical prototypes plus explanations of the systems structure, the prototype’s design in addition to their task and applicability
  6. Tests: The readers must be told of the experiments and the hypotheses informing the research.
  7. Entirely Combined Tests;
    • Gradual knowledge acquisition tests
    • Planned Effort;
    • Viewpoints from Knowledge acquisition Theories;
    • Viewpoints from Figurative Reasoning theories
    • Deduction;
    • Literature list

It is imperative that the student or anyone who may want to adopt this dissertation proposal example to note that it addresses the science of cognition. It, therefore, can greatly vary from other subjects


Summarization of dissertation proposal may include a conclusion of various elements such as the aspects of the literature review, the stamen of the problem and the various theories adopted.  How to write a dissertation proposal that is worthy of the salt requires the student to be prepared right from the start and openly talk to their lecturers about it. The only way to establish if the correct path is followed is via consultation. As pointed out, various universities have their own method which the student must understand and apply for their dissertation proposal writing to be qualified to the next step.


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