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Descriptive Essay Topics

To tell it uniquely, you need to have a good topic, and that is struggle for many students who want to write a descriptive essay about a person or a place. University and college students are faced with this dilemma, but all they need to know is that there are indeed a lot of good topics that they can use to start writing a descriptive essay.

What is a Descriptive Essay?

From fundamental definition or description of what this type of article is all about, we may have understood it even without knowing. These assignments that students do while in school are mostly structured with questions seeking some description. Imagine that you have an uncle who has been very kind to you; he is the best that you would like everyone to know about. He touched you emotionally through his good deeds, and you want to share feeling with your friends through writing. As you work on this article, what you are doing is writing a descriptive essay.

Descriptive writing differs from that simple description in this sense that while a descriptive essay is extended and having five paragraphs, a thesis statement and a structure, a simple description may be short and written in fewer paragraphs. Furthermore, descriptive writing is imaginative and uses writer’s sensory information that is not derived from other sources other than creative, imaginative mind of writer. That simple description may borrow heavily from other works that have been researched or from other people.

Any work that cannot put a scene in the mind of reader cannot be considered as one of descriptive essays. That writer should, in this case, choose a topic that will help him or her paint this picture of what is being described in the mind of reader so that they can feel as part and parcel of experience. Great imagination, in this case, comes to aid of writer.

Descriptive essays are never complete without a context, and this is what best defines what they are. Writers cannot think that our reader will understand a situation or topic being discussed without providing proper context. In other words, introduction has a significant role to play other than being part of entire arrangement of a descriptive essay about a place or a person. Try to let our readers know about topic and why it’s the one you have chosen for your article.

How We Write a Descriptive Essay

Writing is enjoyable to this extent that writers know what he or she is writing about. This command of topic and understanding it well is key to writing a descriptive essay. Whether or not we have an idea, it should be clear to us that this topic will most definitely clarify our position. All that is needed for writing is five paragraphs.

An Introduction

These first lines after our topic have been decided are called an introduction. Whereas this section is essential, it should also be as accurate as possible with a well-spelled thesis statement and information bearing context for this article to be authentic in eyes of your readers. Also, within this section, writer tries to catch all attention of potential readers by providing interesting information using attention-grabbing phrases.

The Body

Explain to your readers descriptively about this topic so that they can enjoy that connection between introduction and body. Usually, body section can have three paragraphs that contain interesting information that supports your thesis statement. Just as this introduction, it’s imperative to keep paragraphs focused on the topic by having short and clear sentences that are well coordinated to convey this message without ambiguity. Make sure that what you write in either of paragraphs does not appear on the next one, but they should all speak to the same topic.

The Conclusion

It’s crucial to present a summary of topic to your audience in the last section of this article. As we write a review of this article, it’s imperative to restate this thesis statement. It’s all done in a single paragraph.

When writing, we may use these following ideas to build our context and content:

Starting to Write Descriptively

Collect all that essential data that you need that relates to descriptive essay topics to be discussed, and then put your ideas in an outline to paint your picture of final document. Ideally, starting does not start with actual writing but with a rough jotting of thoughts generated by the writer.

The Draft Document of Our Descriptive Essay

Creating an essay for the first time without paying much attention to the details is what best explains what a first draft is. We should develop several papers before settling on the final one of course from many ideas that we have written. Simply put, all ideas that you have down and never mind about how they are connected to descriptive essay topic being addressed because this content may change significantly. Let wisdom of time management guide you at this level.

Whatever it’s that will furnish this paper with some needed data should not be ignored. In other words, writer should peruse through all information sources to ensure that he or she pulls out what he or she thinks is important to descriptive essay writing about a place or a person being written.

Is it possible to add some more ideas to boost my grammar and vocabulary? If you are asking yourself this question, then you should not be worried because we may not be perfect, but there are ways of boosting these vocabularies we may opt to use in our descriptive essays. If we have all these ideas on the paper, then that is better because of gaps that we are worried about can be filled by dictionaries we can find online. We need to make our ideas flow by providing a connection between topic we have chosen and rest of the sections of the article.

Checking for Grammar and Other Mistakes

Develop high affinity for handing in edited documents because if paper is for academic purpose, then it will earn good student grades, and if not, it will be read by the readers. We have some very useful tools online. Consider subjecting this article to some of those for formatting and ironing out possible errors that could result from typos, spelling, sentence fragmentations, and redundancy. After we have written our paper, we copy entire content to the site and get instant feedback that we can use to affect the corrections. As we correct, it’s essential to keep this topic in mind.

Editing a Descriptive Essay

It’s an essential demand that a writer has a good topic so that he can write it effectively. Because writing takes time, so is editing, therefore, good writers must plan and commit a lot of time to the task if they want to achieve this goal. It’s important to remember that a good topic will help your reader to understand that article more vividly; therefore, they will know what exactly to check for in terms of possible errors. While sifting your work to make it a fine product, involve the services of friends by reading the article aloud to them. Their ear might be of value given that they come with freshness in terms of what they can put into an article they have not read previously.

Online Checkers for Writers

After working on the topic and having copy that could be the final one, writers may use some great online editing software to identify minor errors in their work. Proofreading paper before subjecting it to the software is even more important because writer will once again remind himself of context of his work to ensure that that taste is not lost as the descriptive essay is edited. Upload paper and take time to countercheck prompts against the essay before considering whether such corrections are valid or not. In other words, correct only what needs to be corrected in the descriptive essay about a person.

Descriptive Essay Topics

Check out for the following descriptive essay topics when you are stuck and wondering what to in as far as the writing of this type of essay is concerned:


Whether to write or not to write a descriptive essay about a person is not that question as long a topic has been settled on. In other words, challenge when we are writing an article is pegged on the subject that we choose and how good that topic is with sensory information we have generated to put into writing. As we think about this article, it’s crucial to choose from several issues that might be available and ensure that we imaginatively come up with an excellent document that brings our readers on board. Ideally, content does matter, but it should be simple, clear, and expressive enough. Descriptive essays should strive for striking mind of your reader in a way that they also feel what writer feels. In other words, emotional transfer should be one of objectives of a descriptive essay about a place.


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