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Personal Experience Essay

A great story about a person and how his life has dramatically been shaped by the factors he can well remember is the best way to describe personal essay. When we decide to write about ourselves and adopt that writing so some readable format then we are simply telling others our story. Writing Personal essays has been going on for quite a very long time, but we may notice that good writing requires some threshold.

When Good is not Just Enough

Mainly, we can write an excellent personal goal essay to narrate how some of the experiences affected our lives. The most experienced writers will tell you that good for an article is not enough. Mainly because there are millions of personal goals essay out there that may relegate yours to the bins. What a writer, in this case, needs to do is come up with a great personal piece that out-competes the rest. Here are the qualities of a great essay to amaze the readers:

How about Writing about Conflict?

Notably, some great personal essays reflect the antagonism that goes on within oneself. Some of our thoughts are filled with regrets and misunderstanding of some facts. Even in a grand celebration, you could find yourself a bit off from the rest because you are trying to reconcile the reality and the more profound feeling. Not every person that organizes a birthday party for his friends joins in the celebration. Even if they do, it could be physically, but they are mentally and psychologically detached. This could be a great way to think about a personal experience essay. Think about yourself as the birthday guy.

Memory in Personal Essay Writing

The possible two scenarios that emanate from our memory are the current and old memories of an event. It could be an activity that just happened or the one that happened some times in the past. Using these two viewpoints, a writer can creatively come up with a great personals goals essay by fusing various elements that he or she can remember. With certainty, we can say that there can never be a personal essay without invoking our memory or drawing from the events that we cannot forget. Imminently, space exists between the previous and current events, and that is what we use while we are writing personal essays.

Memories that go into Personal Essay

It would be futile to underrate the power of thinking and assume that previous events inform a great personals essay that the current circumstances. A great writer will tell you that both events irrespective of when they happened can be an excellent source for writing, and for that reason, both memories apply.

Topical for Personal Goals Essays

Getting your work rolling is by deciding on the best topic for your essay. As synonymous with all writings, the challenge or the hurdle that a writer must first overcome is to have a topic. Here are some considerable areas to look at because they might provide a good idea for a topic:

Is the Topic Good Enough?

As indicated in the section discussing the topic, the substance of a subject to personal essay writing cannot be overlooked. Choosing what to write about with regards to the topic is not enough. In other words, the writer must ask the following questions to ascertain that indeed, the topic is the best.

  1. Did the event live up to my expectations or what I thought before it actually happened?
  2. What are the personal changes that the experiences brought forth?
  3. Did I learn anything or something new from the event?
  4. Is life still the same after the event, or are there some internal conflicts that I have to deal with?
  5. Presented with another opportunity, would I make precise adjustments and gave a whole new experience?

Organizing the Essay

The Chronological System

When we think about how best we can organize our essay, the idea that is likely to come in our mind is putting events in order of their occurrence. The chronological pattern is an organizing style for a personal essay that identifies the events, selects the most important aspects then tells a story in good order. Just like in accounting whereby the first goods can be the first ones out, the idea that the system is pegged on is that its arrangement respects the order in which events happened and uses that to build a climax. In summary, the chronological style:

The Unfulfilled Expectation Style of Organization

In this style of organization, the writer uses an element of contrast in what did not happen and what happened in the case of an event. It would be a great idea to adopt this style where the writer’s expectation sunk because the reality took center stage. These realities should outweigh the expectation for writing personal essays in line with the method to be realistic and effective.

Elements of a great unfulfilled expectation include:

  1. With an event in mind, the expectations should be listed in the introduction part
  2. The writer should strive to paint a picture of the problem in advance
  3. The reader should be told of what exactly happened through a chronological organization of the events
  4. The scenarios presented by the expectations and the reality should be contrasted
  5. The writer must be able to mirror on the experience and explain it vividly to the reader
  6. The conclusion should be laced with irony.

Organizing the Essay by Frame

This could be sequential too, but its significant strength is the fact that it uses flashbacks to and super introductions to give us a picture of the story. Mostly, the style is used by moviemakers, and for that reason, we might have come across the method in the movies we watch. The story will begin in a frame before veering off the frame and later returning to the frame through a flashback. Think about the memories you want to share in the personal experience essay give a snippet of the memory, embark on a discussion and then reconnect the reader to the mainframe, which is the memory once more.

External versus Internal Conflict Organization

This technique is not as difficult as one may think given that all we have to do is to organize the personal goal essay around some crucial events. So why is the term conflict used? The idea is that we have some internal tension. They could be in our brains, and we have to reconcile them with reality or external events. A lot about this style of arrangement has been discussed in the previous topics but what is important to remember is that a good writer must merge what he or she feels internally with the prevailing reality to create a great personal goal essay.

Example of Students Arrangement Style

As a student, you may be required to use a specific style in organizing your work. What is important is the fact that great personal experience essays merge various styles and a student can do so to create an introduction, body and conclusion for the article.

In this section, the student should outline the start of that memorable event, for example, a drive to the market. Also, a frame can be used to introduce the action.

For example, how you are thinking of snatching a bag of mangoes from a friend in the market. Probably as a prank and what you finally decided to do with regards to the dilemma

Think about getting caught by a police officer who does not know that you are pulling a prank on a friend by trying to snatch the bag

For example, the prank worked against you, and even after explaining to the officers that it was just a prank, you have an internal war as you keep on wondering why you would do that to a friend who probably will not take your explanation as the truth.

Here we can reintroduce the frame as well as the unfulfilled expectations by stating how we rode back home with a conflict in your mind as you expect the worst response from your friend and your father who sent you to the market.

Minor Events Matter

The example of a journey to the market described above best illustrates how minor events can turn into great personal experience essays. We create our stories out of the incidences that we may overlook at first, but their substance only becomes clear when we are thinking of them as the basis of the story we are telling.

Generating Memories

We can do this by looking into some of the following:

Memorable Outcomes

Guidelines for Using Chronological Arrangement

Arrangement of the Personal Essay around People

  1. Painting a clear picture by providing the background/the context
  2. Defining the specific memories because not all will paint the picture to the audience
  3. Show the significance of the person while writing personal

Additional Techniques of Personal Goal Essay

Contrasting and Comparing Technique

Address what the other person thinks before addressing your own thoughts.

Using Conflict Resolution Approach


No idea for writing personal essays can be considered big or small because the essence of writing these types of articles is to communicate who we are to the audience. What we need to take into account is the way we organize the personal goals essay and how we organize our thoughts to flow.


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