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Abortion Thesis Statements

Abortion, being an issue of extreme controversy, arouses strong feelings on the two sides of the debate. Those that oppose the discussion call it murder and condemn any idea whatsoever of a woman “playing God” with the life of a human. On the other hand, those who advocate for it claim that it is a person`s right to do what she deems best for her own body (womb) and child.

Deciding who gets to live and who dies and whether the unborn baby constitutes life is still a subject of question. Undoubtedly, a pregnant woman has the right to choose whether or not to have a child. The truth is that the laws are meant to govern the citizens in a civilized way, but yet again, most people who support pro abortion arguments state that it is a woman’s choice to do whatever she wants with her body.

Tips on How to Write an Abortion Thesis Statement

Having in mind the controversy that surrounds this topic, it is no surprise that coming up with a good thesis statement presents some challenge for a number of students. Here are some tips on how to write an abortion thesis statement:

Searching Widely and Deeply

Once you start a thesis statement for abortion, it is very crucial to search for information. When you open a new tab, stop for a moment or two and think about the books and other kinds of dependable sources which can be used. Even though it takes more time to find the information you have, make sure that it is not made up. You need to decipher what kind of data from the internet is not fictional.

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No Rushing

You need to be sure to understand the concept of your future essay. Through notes, you will find a few things that you do not need or by a twist of fate duplicated. You need to reread the material so that you may gain an idea of what introduction you might want or that will prompt you to do more concerning searching.

Have a Sturdy Introduction

It is always hard to begin writing a thesis statement about abortion. Firstly, you would want your words and sentences to be well structured as well as make the content comprehensive.

The trick is for you to add some political and moral aspects of information but to be safe, keep away from mentioning the religious element and its role. This will allow you to dodge numerous disputes and avoid annoying some readers.

However, you can specify these pieces of information later in one of your paragraphs to show your readers how serious you are to the matter. Another way of showing the reader your seriousness is by bringing up statistics concerning abortion. You can do this by finding a source that is worth trusting so that it can easily give you real numbers to make your abortion thesis statement as exciting and persuasive as possible.

Be Factual and Not Fictional

Every paper writing service knows that in every essay, there are two sides which sit on opposite ends. Describe them in such a way that you are not biased and for you to do so, ensure that you write your thesis statement about abortion when your head is clear. This is because it puts you in a position of only recalling concrete facts. Even when you dislike the argument because it shows the point of view which you do not support, desist from trying to twist data to suit your opinion for this will prove that you are unprofessional.

Relate the Knowledge Gained

After you come up with non-identical points of view, you’re now ready to begin writing a thesis statement for abortion. A lot of information can be contained here, so the best thing to do is to carefully read. Most sources of information suggest “my body my choice” but one should be careful since a fetus is not part of a woman’s body. Therefore, it is wise to begin your thesis statement about abortion with medical facts about the reasons as to why abortion should be made legal.

Here are some of the pro abortion arguments:

The list above is just a simple example of the pro abortion arguments that have covered a wide range.

As a writer, you also need to cover the anti abortion arguments. These arguments are merely against abortion and drive towards eradicating the act from the society. Here are some of the examples of anti abortion arguments:

Choosing a Side

Here, you must have enough information so that you get the chance to choose between the pro-choice and pro-life. In the beginning, search the data and the material that has never come across to you and completely change your mindset and reassess the questions which you had thought to be controversial. Try to be sure of the point that you would like to support and revise it in a way which will enable you to understand the choice you have made.

On closing your abortion thesis statement sample, be precise on what to say. Make your readers savvy as to why you are supporting a particular side. Do not mention all the arguments in the abortion thesis statement but bring something remarkable and genuine into your explanation.

A writer should be at all times ready to give their information to their readers, and one part that must be mentioned is the abortion thesis statement examples. Here are some of the cases that can aid you:

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Wrapping Things Up

The conclusion to the thesis statement of abortion has the summary of the entire project, and this is where a person should revise their sentences, major and minor ideas. Here are some of the examples of topics one can choose from:

The most excellent way to learn is to come up with a brilliant essay on abortion and follow the instructions in conjunction with the best essay examples from our essay writers. At the same time, ensure that your basic principles of writing are well represented in a way that the required type of work is well understood and the line of work is well conversant.

One can demonstrate how pieces of evidence and arguments correlate with the thesis statement of abortion. People can wonder how good endings sound like. This can be answered by how one reinvents their work to make it look legit, bright and most importantly, unique. This is mainly viewed by the language and supporting evidence. With the correct combination of literary devices and insight, you can be in a position to write a masterpiece that can aid you in the winning of the attention of one’s audience hence achieving the coveted effect.


We hope that these instructions have aided you greatly. The best way to grasp coming up with such statements is by practicing; so just go ahead and write a couple of statements and improve from there. All the best!


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