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Expository Essay Example

If all things are number, then thoughts too are things and numbers. An expository essay example is a thought and a thing and it too has its number or its mathematical structure, for a number can also be defined as a basic mathematical structure that is used to derive or create more complex forms. A thought like all things being composed of number or mathematical relation must be analyzable, and an expository essay sample can be analyzed, and a method that is easy, fast and effective can be derived and used for all practical work. This article articulates the steps necessary for expository essay examples that can describe all things objectively and be used for all scientific and truthful purposes in diverse contexts of application. This how to article is also an example of an expository essay and each element of part should spur us to finding appropriate instances of usage in developing our own expository essay example.

What is an expository essay?

There are five basic stages for creating examples of expository essays:

Preparing the Self for Expository Essay Examples

Expository essay examples are meant to help the scholar or thinker or even user to know an object well enough to allow optimal relations with it. Therefore it is important that certain factors regarding the suitability or even reliability of observation are considered. Some of the factors are:

Psycho – Physiological Preparation

An expository essay is only possible if the author is capable of perceiving things correctly. But perceiving things correctly is neither easy nor trivial. Melanie Klein has outlined how a human being is typically attached to certain object relations from infancy. Other psychologists have also identified the economic determinant of learning and behavior in the sense that an individual will often seek to learn behaviors that help to increase pleasure and avoid pain. Such conditioning easily distorts our views of objects. It, therefore, becomes necessary for us to train ourselves to perceive things correctly. One of the effective ways for such training is ‘yoga’ and specifically the outer elements of yoga as described by Patanjali. These aspects are:

Such observances are therefore necessary if one is to observe an object as it is and not as he/she wishes it to be.

Epistemological Preparation

An expository essay example must be one that involves a strict adherence to valid sources of truth, and the necessary conditions for truth. Generally, there are 6 sources of truth:

Looking at these sources, we realize that each of them must meet its requisite conditions for optimality. For example, if analogy is to be a source of truth then two cases being compared must either have a one to one relation or at least a many to one relation with the object it is compared against.

On the other hand, truth must meet the following three conditions:

Therefore one must be clear on where truth is being derived and used when creating examples of expository essays.

Research and Investigation Capabilities

An expository essay sample is best produced if the author engages in rigorous investigation of the self, the activity of observation and the entire process involved in creating the expository essay sample. An easy way to start investigations is to start by asking the simple, who, what, where, when, why, how … questions. Such a method and effective iteration of method is guaranteed to generate both quantitative and qualitative information that can be used to infer and even direct the expository writing process.

Determination of Final Causes

If we have an example of expository essay, then it implies that we have an idea of our final objectives with it. If that isn’t the case, then the whole exercise is proven futile especially because an object’s behavior is contextual and changing contexts arbitrarily then changes behavior and meaning. This essentially leaves us without something tangible that we can use for any purposes. Therefore we must know the end to which we commit our exposition.

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Identifying the Object in Expository Essay Sample

If we are confident that we are capable of accessing the truth of ourselves and of observed objects, then we are able to proceed and identify the object to be observed for exposition. Therefore the expository essay is best approached by having a clear and reliable way for identifying an object. Such a means of observation entails the following:

Game Context Analysis

The object in any given context can be deemed as an atom since if it is divided further we change context and begin to view a different object. But as we can infer, objects are formed by the interaction of forces. But forces can only interact if they share a context and contend for some other object. Therefore for a being to exist there must be conditions that are similar to game situations where players choose certain strategies for certain effects. This implies that an atom can only form as a result of the game context conditions. Expository essay examples, therefore, must apply themselves to the derivation and descriptions of game contexts.

Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis

If the game context is important, then it must be clarified by the inferences we make out of statistical behavior of objects being considered. Since each player in a game situation is driven to a certain behavior by some form of calculation, having a record of how each player moves and the outcomes leads us to have enough data to help us to infer some of the reasons behind such behaviors. Now using the object oriented model of programing then we can reverse engineer the nature of the object in question. A consequence of this is that an expository essay must entail descriptions of in context behaviors and a summary of findings.

Relations and Transactions Analysis

An expository essay example needs to show how the objects in a context relate with each other. Transactions are the exchanges that take place between two objects and the consequences that follow. This essentially means having a table with at least two columns with the first column showing the verbs involved and the second column outlining the effects of the interaction. A good model for use is that of the ‘Karaka theory’ by Panini and the Indian grammarians. Such an analysis then helps us to decipher the true nature of an object and enables us to build an understanding that can predict the object’s behavior.

Behavior Explanation

Examples of expository essays are generally descriptions and explanations of object behaviors. But such behavior is only accessible via a hypothetico-deductive method. The above processes are meant to help us work through several hypotheses in order to come to an almost exhaustive explanation of an object’s behavior. Once we have a tentative explanation then we can begin to assume that we know the thing as it is and are ready for the next stages.

Explication of the Object

We have seen that the identification of an object is a detailed process that is mostly focused on qualitative behavior and is mostly concerned with average behaviors. But such behavior needs to be described cogently along a specific model. Hence an expository essay writing example necessarily entails a clear description of behavior that is also resonant with perceived causes. Such an explication involves:

Formal Causes

Aristotle reminds us that we cannot know of a thing unless we know of the four causes. Essentially, this assertion is backed up by the realization that the four basic elements derived by an ancient model explicated in Euclidean geometry are also forces that determine how objects are or be. In this case ‘formal’ causes are the specifications of the mathematical functions that describe the composition of the four elements in an object. An expository essay sample, therefore, must also strive to show the formal causes of an object.

Effective Causes

An example of expository essay should also show the verb causes of an object. Using the law of inertia we realize that an object can only exist if it has an immediate cause to it. Immediacy, in this case, is more about proximity of cause rather than duration of action or an event. An object may appear many years after an event, but if there is no demonstration of an intervening event then the effective cause can still be traced to the event that happened in the distant past.

Material Causes

Expository essay examples should also explicate the materials and characteristics of the materials that make an object. This is normally easy if a proper quantitative and qualitative analysis and data sample has been kept. In this case, such information regarding the materials that make up an object can be isolated for further simulation either using mathematical and logical analysis.

Final Causes

The expository essay must also show the teleological or final ends of the endeavor. This implies that the game context and the strategies outlined above must be used for some effect and the effect must be resonant with the laws of nature and must be reasonable and useful in a non-trivial manner.

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Simulation of the Object for Expository Essay Sample

Empiricism has always been a critical aspect of knowledge development and management. This is because we need to have implementable solutions or implementable knowledge even on abstract space. For example, if we consider the context of Human – Machine interaction we may find ourselves creating artificially intelligent agents that need to learn about the humans they interact with. Such machine learning needs to be precise and effective and the only way we can be sure that the agent has learned what an object is must be by demonstration. Aspects of simulation to be considered in expository essay examples are:

Presentation of Findings in Essay Format

The final part of how to write an expository essay sample is the creation of an essay in common language. This is because most of the above parts of the writing process are in mathematical and logical format which may not be so useful to us in some contexts like normal conversation that allows us to prevail in an oral tradition. Oral tradition is essentially about using the knowledge forms we have created in normal social interactions. This allows us to live with our knowledge without internal alienation and conflict. When thoughts are only accessed in written format people’s lives tend to be alienated from the knowledge since even contexts are contested. Hence writing is important if it can be limited to consultation and comparison with real life outcomes. Good writing entails:


An example of expository essay is created if we follow the structure and method outlined above. This is because the outlined structure recognizes the similarity of all objects in the universe and reduces them to the basic elements of air, fire, water and earth as derived geometrically by using the circle as a symbol for the atom. These elements are also the ones enumerated by the Pythagoreans as the tetractys. If all things are then reduceable to these basic elements it follows that expository essay examples that follow them in construction must resonate with things as they are and can be used effectively in real life.


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