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Best Debate Topics

Brief Introduction into Our Debate Topics

Have you been struggling with just looking for good debate topics for your college or high school class? Well, you’ve come to the right place because here we have a captivating list of ideas to help you make a quick decision. Remember that a good subject ignites the creativity and debating skills of any student.

It also gives them an easier time to come up with their points of view. That’s why we have come up with this guide into debate topics. With it, you’ll have complete access to some of the most interesting controversial topics and in their different fields. Take a look!

Good Debate Topics on Our Society

We are all surrounded by things, people and events which keep on changing. For example, it’s only one year ago when certain countries in the world colonized their neighbors for supremacy and scramble for resources. So, if you’re searching for good debate topics here, pick those subjects which touch on people’s emotions. Below are some helpful examples:

  1. Do You Believe That The Death Penalty Is Effective Or Is It Another Act Of Murder?
  2. Should People Continue Getting Lottery Tickets?
  3. Is Competition Good Or Bad For The Society?
  4. Religion Or Politics: Which Is The Main Source Of Conflict In The Middle East?
  5. Is Maintaining A Good Fashion Outlook A Crucial Aspect In Today’s Society?
  6. Are Women At Times Mean In Friendships With One Another And With Fellow Men?
  7. Are We Oppressing Or Empowering Our Minority Communities?
  8. Do You Feel That Life Was Much Better Half A Century Ago As Compared To Today?
  9. Lack Of Education Vs. Crime: Which Is The Greatest Menace In Society?
  10. Why Do You Think Dictatorship Was Such A Conventional System Of Governance 50 Years Ago?

Controversial Debate Topics on Technology

Is technology the key to a better future? Now, while most people would say ‘yes’ to this query, there are a few controversial questions from some based on the questionable innovations we’ve seen over the past couple of years. Here are just some of the most controversial topics:

  1. Have Young People Become Too Dependent On Their Smartphones?
  2. Are Computers Dangerous For The Young Generation?
  3. Does Facebook’s Financial Loss In 2018 Mean That It’s No Longer A Social Media Fan Favorite?
  4. Is It Possible To Run Businesses Today Without The Internet?
  5. Are Worldwide Governments Doing Enough To Punish Cybercriminals?
  6. Are Ebooks More Convenient As Compared To Paper Books?
  7. Cryptocurrencies Or Paper Cash: Which Money Transaction System Is Better?
  8. Have We Become An Idle Society Because Of Our Over-Reliance On Machines?
  9. Do You Think That Human Beings Should Be Worried When It Comes To Artificial Intelligence?
  10. Are Social Media Companies To Blame For The Hate And Abuse Coming From Their Users?
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Most Controversial Topics Issues Concerning Our Morality

It’s true that we are in a society filled with a lot of ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts.’ So, if you’re planning for a debate in this field, it’s crucial that you get the debate topics that can make your audience think more critically about the society their living in. Now, if you don’t know what exactly to look for, feel free to use any of our controversial topics below:

  1. Should The Government Legalize Torture?
  2. Should You Reveal Your Friends Secret If He Or She Has Committed A Capital Offense?
  3. In Their Work, Do You Feel That Paparazzi Are Disrespecting The Lives Of People Especially Celebrities?
  4. Why Do Most People Keep Journals, Is It A Therapeutic Method Or Not?
  5. Would You Ask For A Divorce If You Had A Spouse On The Life Support Machine?
  6. Do You Believe That Beauty Pageants Are Destroying The Moral Values Of Our Rich Societies?
  7. Is Abortion Popular Among Young Expectant Mothers Only?
  8. Should You Put Your Life At Risk If It Means Saving That Of Your Colleague?
  9. Is The Government Doing Enough To Protect The Poor From Discrimination?
  10. Are NGOs Helping In The Fight Against Female Genital Mutilation (F.G.M)

Most Controversial Topics for College Students

There are still a good number of people who don’t value the fruits of getting a good education. Luckily, using some controversial debate topics, you can inform and educate them on its importance. Feel free to start with either of these examples:

  1. Should Young College Mothers Be Allowed To Bring Their Children To School?
  2. Is Homeschooling A More Efficient Method Of Educating Children In Future/
  3. Should Students Learn The Various Types Of Sexual Orientation While In College?
  4. Are College Assignments Meant To Keep Students Learning Or Are They Just An Easier Mode Of Teaching?
  5. Is It True To Say That the Girl-Child Is Performing Better than the Boy-Child in Today’s Learning Society?
  6. Are Teacher To Student Interactions After School An Efficient Method Of Teaching?
  7. Is It Necessary For College Students To Go Through A Mandatory Drug Test When In The School Premises?
  8. Do Professional Orientation Examples Guide Students In Selecting The Kind Of Profession They Wish To Join?
  9. Is Increased Peer Pressure And Stigmatization The Cause Of Early Pregnancies Among College Students?
  10. Are Schools Doing Enough To Prevent Students From Carrying Guns And Other Weapons To School?

Controversial Debate Topics 2018 in Music, Art and Cinema

Are you also searching for classy and engaging debate topics? Well, here we’ve got some controversial topics 2018 that are certain to ignite a heated argument amongst your participating audience. They include:

  1. Was Khalid The Most Promising Rapper And Songwriter In 2018?
  2. Black Panther Vs. Thor: Which Movie Was Marvel’s Best Release?
  3. Nicky Minaj Vs. Cardy B: Is This A Rivalry Of Two Great Musicians Or Two Huge Egos?
  4. Is Watching Shows On Television A Pure Waste Of Time When You Could Stream Them Live On Your Device?
  5. Do You Believe That Pop Music Was The Best Musical Genre In 2018?
  6. Were The Producers Of Game Of Thrones Right To Delay The Show Until April 2019?
  7. 2018 Has Proved That Hip Hop Music Can Be Used To Spread Peace Instead Of Violence: Discuss!
  8. Empire Vs. The Star: Which Was The Hottest Music Series On Fox In 2018?
  9. Are We Doing Enough To Keep The Memory Of Tupac?
  10. Do You Think Actors Face Certain Mental Risks When They Perform Different Roles?
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How to Pick the Best Debate Topics

With the high levels of emotion and conflict that come with debates, the pressure is left solely on you to choose a captivating topic for debate and discussion. Luckily, using these essential factors, you can quickly pick out the best!

Let’s Wrap Things Up!

Here are just some of the countless ideas available for those who wish to present an educative and informative debate. These are some of the most controversial topics we’ve come across in 2018 and other subsequent years. They are designed to give professional debater the confidence in expressing his or her feelings or personal opinions.


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