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Personal Narrative Essay

Take your time to find out the correct outline and the way of writing from the institution that gave you the essay to write. Most times, you will end up with an essay that fully meets the requirement of the readers, giving you an extra point even before they begin reading.

  1. Always read over your work

When planning your essay, put out time to read over your work. Even the smallest details matter when writing an essay. The most proficient essay writers even find mistakes in their pieces from time to time so it would be suicide for you to send in your essay without looking it over several times. Also, reading over your work gives you the opportunity to take your work through an authentic grammar and plagiarism check to avoid embarrassing problems.

You might say you wrote the entire essay from scratch by yourself, but if there is material out there that matches yours, it is still determined as plagiarized work. Performing these checks and correcting them before you hand in your work is the safest way to send in your work.

Writing Narrative Essays

A narrative essay is pretty much what can be termed as a basic essay. All the points written above are applied when writing such an essay. Maybe some of you might be wondering ‘What Is a narrative essay’?

A narrative essay is one with which the writer aims to tell the reader a story. It can also fall in the same category of a narrative or a report. The main thing that differentiates them is the presence of a thesis statement. There are different kinds of narrative essays. All of the different kinds boil down to telling a story or giving an idea.

Here are some kinds of narrative essays which can also be termed as essay types on their own.

  1. Interview essay
  2. Personal narrative essay
  3. Descriptive narrative essay
  4. Cause and effect essay

These essay types all give information about events and ideas, and could follow a chronological pattern or not.

A personal narrative essay is an essay that gives insight to the writer’s ideas and experiences from his view point. The essay is written in the first person and it requires that the writer tells a tale about an event that might have occurred, or an idea that is peculiar to him, revealing certain characteristics of the writer including his or her philosophy, mindset and how they perceive the world. Such narrative essays are usually required from students or graduates who are trying to get admitted into university or medical school. Law schools applicants also require a personal statement of some kind also to help the admissions board make the decision on the student.

There are certain things that most admissions boards look out for when it comes to students and personal narrative essays. Here is a list of a few of them.

  1. Orderliness

The truth is an organized essay always wins the heart of a reader, most especially if the reader is on the board to allow you to be enrolled to a course. The ability to follow order and stick to the required writing style says a lot about the character of the applicant, giving the readers the urge to go on to read the essay.

Orderliness is not only important from the face value of the essay, but also in the essay itself. The essay must have an introduction, a body, which is the main part of the essay, and a conclusion, like several other essay types. The introduction should have a hook and a thesis statement giving the readers an idea of what is being spoken about in the essay. Beginning with a catchy and creative hook is the best way to capture the attention of the readers since they mostly have a huge pile of essays to read.

  1. Whether instructions were followed

The personal narrative essay you are writing usually comes with certain instructions which should be followed at all costs. Most of the time, the first instruction given is the number of words the essay should consist of. Going beyond this stipulated number easily constitutes nuisance and puts the reader off even reading what you wanted to say in the essay, even if it is really good.

Apart from the word limit, the readers always check if you used the right format stipulated for the essay to be written. The most popular writing styles are:

Based on the institution they would have an appropriate style for your essay to be written in, not only for narrative essays but also for all the essays you may write.

  1. Creativity

Creativity is a major aspect needed in writing narrative essays, especially personal narrative essays. In order for you to be able to write an autobiographical narrative essay, you should have a way of creating exciting lines out of pretty mundane events that may have taken place in your life. Drawing the humor out of such events, or even writing sordid events masterfully enough to keep readers entertained and educated is the mark of a good creative writer. Schools always lean towards having such people in their faculties. The more creative you are, the better your chance at having an essay winning you a position in the school.

  1. Authenticity

Any admissions board may ask you to write an autobiographical narrative essay as a way to get an understanding of who the writer is. Having an authentic essay written is the one way you can get readers interested in who you are as an applicant. Going for already written essays which are cliché and have no iota of authenticity in them makes for a poor personal narrative essay.

Writing about the events that may have occurred in your life is not a very simple task, that is why planning is important, so that you can easily come up with a good way to tell these stories in a way that reflect you as a writer, is creative and is also orderly.

  1. Grammar

Checking for grammar in an essay is as fundamental as doing the first sweep when choosing from a lot of candidates. Grammatical errors which could be anything from spelling mistakes to syntax and subject-verb agreement errors sometimes automatically put you behind the door of any institution looking for serious candidates.

If your autobiographical essay which is being sent in to gain you admission into a school turns up with several errors, it is most likely that you would not be considered as a good enough potential candidates. Since even the best writers make mistakes, taking out time to read over your work as often as you can and passing your finished narrative essay through several checks, including plagiarism checks is a sure way to ensure that your essay is devoid of any such mistakes.

If you previously had questions on ‘what is a narrative essay’ and ‘how do I write a narrative essay’, hopefully you have gotten the answers that you seek. Simply take the time to note down these faux pas for your next personal narrative essay and prepare to write an excellent essay which would undoubtedly put you on the mind of any reader who is hoping to admit you to a course. Take the time to plan your essay before writing, and do not forget to check your work thoroughly after you have written it. Make sure to send only your best work to any admissions board, and voila, you will be accepted if the essay alone determines if you are to be accepted or not.


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