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How to Write a Classification Essay

You probably want to know more about classification essays, how about we start by understanding and appreciating what these types of writings truly are? The best and approachable way to this is by understanding what it talks about. A classification essay is an academic piece of write up specifically meant to assess student’s abilities in categorization and generalization. Here, a student is expected to arrange the information to be grouped in sections with instances to match each category. The mode of categorization to use depends on your preference but is as much you’re required to be able to expand your logic.

How to Write a Classification Essay

You have been assigned with classification writing, and you stuck there not knowing what to do next, well, here’s the magic to save the day;

Among the key things you’re required to be keen on how to write a classification essay is the structure. Being with the right structure in mind is a step in the right direction. In this article, we’ve narrowed down the scope to a few paragraphs. However, when writing a classification essay, you’re free to go ahead and add a few more you see fit.

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  1. Introduction

    Just like most other academic writings, on how to write a classification essay you also need to begin with an introduction. Remember the classification writing is about categorizing information and so the big question is, what are you going to classify? This is all to guide not only you but also whoever who’ll be reading your paper, which in this case is your instructor. What’s your subject of focus? You’re expected to make this clear by expounding more on the introduction. What’s the goal of your classification writing? Explain this question in your introductory paragraph. Another issue is the why subject? What’s the point of all the categorization and generalization in your classification essay?

    Concluding your introduction paragraph, you’ll be required to formulate a thesis statement. This is usually the main point of your essay. It’s made up of two clauses, a dependent and independent clause, one backing the other. From the thesis statement, your instructor needs to be satisfied with its strength and in doing so come up with a list of possible conclusions that your classification essay could present were it to flow in that direction.

  2. Body Text

    On how to write classification essay, this is the content part. Usually, writers are required to formulate at least four paragraphs. Avoid excesses when it comes to this, but you could as well seek for your instructor’s guidance on the required word count. How to write a classification essay body, have different categorizations for each of the set paragraphs you decide to write on. For every one of the sections you choose to write on, the criteria used has to be explained to your audience. Maybe, you could expound on some of the limitations and strengths to enlighten the reader on what’s really going on.

    Every time you’re writing a classification essay, at best try having classification essay examples you could throw in to spice up the text. Well, keeping into consideration the required length and word count of the essay, you could go ahead and simplify the classification essay examples into small sections that are easy to read. Of note, when writing a classification essay, you’ll be dealing with a number of paragraphs, and therefore you need to adopt transition sentences that will help to switch from one paragraph to the next. Proper use of transition sentences will create a nice flow in your paper, and that’s what instructors are always on the lookout for.

  3. Concluding Paragraph

    Here is the final section on how to write a classification essay. It isn’t as demanding as the other sections of the text. However, on writing a classification essay conclusion, you’re required to be familiar with good ways on how to formulate a nice and strong summary. All the modes of categorization with examples you created while drafting the classification writing body text, need to be summarized logically and sensibly without distorting the intended information. Take each of them, give brief conclusions, and avoid excesses. In various cases, you’ll find yourself as a writer recommending specific examples over the others. This is a unique classification essay conclusion and if at all you opt for this, don’t leave at that but instead back your recommendation with supportive evidence or tangible reasons why you think settling for the opinion is right.

    To have a better understanding of this, you could check the internet for classification essays samples to keep guiding you.

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Quick Tips on Writing a Classification Essay

We’ve guided you through the structure on how to write a classification essay, now let’s look at some of the tips that will gear you to fullest potential.

  1. Collect Ideas

    This is the primary step in writing a classification essay. A mere rough idea won’t do; you require much more than that. Let’s take, for instance, your instructor is a history teacher and assigns you with writing a classification paper, what are you expected to write on?

    You might be stuck there lost of choices or may not even knowing what to do next; here are some titles for college classification essay;

    • Categories of governments
    • Forms of constitution
    • Modes of colonization
    • Categories of effective campaigning methods

    Judging from the above, it’s evident that ideas are quite important, as long form them you could form possible categories you can be able to formulate a classification essay on. Be on the watch for topics that are trending, and form this analyze the possible links and connections you could form categories with.

    Preparatory preparations are quite necessary, start with it. Select your title of choice. After which you can now go ahead scour the web for more details and information on the topic. The internet is a good source of information, be sure to make good use of it. What were the results of your web adventure? Are the results enough to form the basis of strong discussions? Go for a title that will not limit you with the amount of data you can gather and discuss on. A good practice is to go for a topic you’re comfortable with. This will provide you with an advantage and even save you the time you’d instead use to do more research on the topic. Take your time and brainstorm through the best ideas you could formulate for your classification essay.

  2. Come Up With a Thesis

    You expected to formulate a working thesis statement whenever you’ll be writing a classification essay. This forms the ground of the discussions your classification writing would take. Remember this is not based on simple categorizations but more technical ones. By the conclusion of the thesis statement, your reader should be comfortable knowing the direction your classification is going to take and understand well the message you’re trying to put across.

    A good thesis statement for classification essay should give a brief overview of some of the angles your paper opted to use. Remember the readers also have their expectations, and while formulating your thesis sentence, try being sensitive to this.

  3. Create a Plan

    With you is an excellent title with a strong thesis statement to bring out the point of view, let’s switch to the next tip on how to write a classification essay, formulating a plan. To begin with, be time conscious. Being time sensitive is an essential aspect of writing. You need to write and deliver your project in time, and this can only be realized through adequate planning. You’ll be writing a classification paper; how much time do you think you’ll require? Mind you this is research, analysis and editing time combined. You have a deadline to beat and this proper time management of all activities. Ensure the planning is balanced to avoid overloading other tasks with time and depriving others. An excellent hack through this, start early, and you’ll finish in time.

    There’s time gap you need to stay between, once this is set, now go ahead and create an outline.

    The preparatory work you did, should show you what you’re required to capture, the perspective of the paper. Drafting an outline should assist you with targeting specific are that are more important. You’ve come up ideas from various resources, and now it’s time to put them down to paper. Plan how your ideas will flow through the introduction of body and conclusion.

    The outline of the classification writing you decide to come up with should encompass all the claims with backing shreds of evidence you found in your research. Sum it up with the thesis sentence.

  4. Research and Analysis

    You’ve done your preparatory work, but do you think that was enough to arm you with substantiating information to back all the categories you settled for and would love capture in your text. It all boils down to the time factor. How best did you manage your time in order to realize this effectively? Do you have the classification data with you? Well, we bet you do having carefully drafted in the outline. What to do next is get more and more information to back your opinions and form strong discussions. What’s the point of creating categories if you cannot be in a position to defend them? Data is everywhere; you just need to look for it.

    Meanwhile, you could consider both the primary and secondary sources of information for your classification essay writing. Of note, keep off unreliable sources as they might distort your ideas and cost you marks in the long run. Be unique and gain your reader’s trust.

    To begin with, you’re required to go one by one onto every classification and discuss it. Go for clarity and nothing short of that, meanwhile, assume the advisory role. What are the unique traits in every classification that you think are worth noting? Further research could reveal some of the possible relationships and ties between the categories. Do you believe they are worth discussing? If so, then why not analyze them more to come up with the best arguments. Classification writings also involve contrast; don’t let this slide. Use and pen and paper to write some of the new information you come across while doing your research and that you think is worth noting. A quick hack, sticky papers could as come in handy for book referencing and jotting down critical information.

    Supporting your ideas with references can help gain your reader’s trust.

  5. Revision

    The journey has been tough so far, hasn’t it? You’ve been through lots of researching and typing. Nevertheless, it’s funny that some students end up missing the last stage of writing just because they’re in a hurry to submit their work. Don’t be a victim of circumstance. This stage is quite straightforward and doesn’t require much of you except for proofreading and making necessary corrections. Despite the rush you might have, don’t jump this!

    With you is a draft, revise it, and make the necessary and winning corrections. You could as well seek a different opinion from your peers, family or close friends. A guide on classification writing revision can be;

    Begin with a general approach. Go through the whole text. After doing this, did you notice some mistakes and inconsistencies that you think need to be addressed? Any strong pieces of evidence you’d love to capture? The flow in the paragraphs! Should you notice any of the above, make the necessary connections.

    Make the necessary clarifications, rub off the excesses

    Does the final proofreading before you finally write your submitting classification essay? Look out for grammar.


The process could get tough, but our tips go the best of it all. We’re here for you, but need to be there for yourself too. Do more revision, edit your work and brainstorm through the best of ideas to come up with leading classification essays. Good luck in your classification essay writing endeavors.

Do you have any classification essays samples you’d love to share with us? Kindly do so by commenting below!


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