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Problem Solution Essay

The basis for writing a conflict resolution essay is to help iron out the problems that groups encounter in their operations. It would be insincere to say that groups or teams do not have issues among themselves.

The following are some vital consideration when beginning the writing process for a conflict essay:

Coming up with a Topic

For conflict resolution essay, the starting point for coming up with the topic is first identifying the problem. We can address the problem as the topic for the article, and in that case, we only have to look at the places and people we frequently visit or associate;

Solution Generation for the Problem and Solution Essay

The best solutions that we can opt to avail for the article should meet the following criteria:

Problem Solution Matrix

Create a Solution

In trying to establish the solution for the essay on conflict resolution, it is imperative to balance the opposing and the proposing sides where an issue has been determined. Ideally, the central concern for the writer should be to deduct something from the norm, and this would mean to try and approve only the feasible solutions. While we do so; it is essential to inspire confidence by motivating the team. More so, the formulation of solutions may require that the writer comes up with stringent rules that will shape the way the team works. There might be a need to educate the team members, alter the procedures or methods, select new leaders, alter the perceptions and attitudes of the members of the team and constructively come up with new ideas.

Substantiate its Workability

Become the mediator for the various protagonists and antagonists within the team so that they can reason together for the greater good of the team. Eliminate the problem source by appealing to the members through avenues such as advertisements and letters. At first, you made a suggestion about the changes with regards to the laws and rules for the team, but at this point, implement them. Explain that the problem will be eradicated by the provision of data that addresses the core of the issue. Tell that identification of some individuals will be necessary to fill the leadership void and add value to the solution.

Additionally, explain that provision of the facilities and facilitating a more organized team will be essential in achieving the goals of the team. Furthermore, explain that provision of the incentives is the key, and that money can be a motivational factor that needs to be considered to inspire workers and make them productive.

You Know the Causes, Assume So

In the conflict, resolution essay assumes that disagreements cause issues of differentiation within teams. Also, make a hypothesis that it is a single person whose action affects the rest of the group, and as such, he or she needs to be replaced. We can also state that even though team members are aware of the responsibilities expected of them, they have not done anything substantial about it.

Yes, we are aware that we have laws and rules to oversee the running of the team, but they are not working at all or helping in offering a solution to the problem. This should be an assumption too. Also, with regards to the rules, we can hypothesize that they lack an enforcing agency or authority. Furthermore, the essay writer should assume that despite people’s efforts; a lot has not been done to count for the energy. Because of the negative attitudes, there are even more problems that need to be addressed.

Here are My Examples: So You Should State

Tell of how countries have settled their differences by signing agreements and trade contracts. How the firing of inept staffs was helpful in restoring the image of the institution. We can also talk about advertisements, the uniforms in schools, the involvement of parents in restoring sanity in schools, and adjustment of meeting hours were essential in achieving a particular goal.

If paying workers was the best solution that ended constant strikes in a company or an organization, cite it as an example of a solution that was applied and worked. If hiring more staff and constructing new pitches for footballers helped in the growth of sports, use it as an example of the problem solution essay.

Writing the Problem and Solution Essay

It is a no-brainer to understand that every essay has an objective of some kind, and that applies to problem solution essays too. The readers are the key consumer of any piece of writing, and for that reason, the goal of any conflict essay should be:

  1. Exploit the reader’s affinity to essays and make them more interested in the article you are writing
  2. Given the magnitude of the issue, the objective of the writer should be to persuade the reader to see it as such
  3. To tell of the measures in clear and vivid terms
  4. To deflate fear by asserting that the cost isn’t something to worry about
  5. To present the solution as the most viable and fitting within the framework established to sort the mess.

Writing the Introduction for a Conflict Essay

The introduction should not be challenging to write with the correct information in place. All the writer needs to consider is the statement of the thesis and an elaboration of the reasons why the solution to that particular issue is or paramountcy;

Ideas that we can use for our introduction when writing an essay on conflict resolution could include the following:

Coming a Thesis Statement for the Essay

Conflict resolution essays have a good claim from the writer that supports their position with regard to the topic they are discussing. It is essential that while coming up with the thesis, we need to consider:

Writing the Body of the Conflict Resolution Essay

Usually, the body is the part whereby we expound the problem to the readers of our problem and solution essay even better. Among the content so of the body include:

It is essential that in this part we creatively bring out the contestation that supports our position in as far as the problem is concerned, and we can do so by stating the measures we have established will do the following:

  1. Offer a lasting solution to the issue of concern
  2. Be very pocket-friendly and will not cost the group or the team unnecessarily
  3. Will be easy to use and will yield the desired results
  4. Reasonably be the best to use
  5. Will never be shot down by some forces given that it will be well thought of
  6. Will be one of a kind and comparable to none

Writing the Conclusion of the Paper

Writing the ending part of an essay on conflict resolution is necessarily an indication that the key issues have been tacked and the solution has been found and addressed within the essay. Remember that the length should not exceed two paragraphs. The ideal length would be one paragraph for conflict essays;

  1. Restate the thesis statement
  2. Describe the expected outcomes with the implementation of the solution you came up with
  3. Provide expert generated examples to show that you are indeed conversant with the result of reasonable solutions
  4. Provide examples that are true and may also be imaginatively produced to show the planned action
  5. Never forget to put figures because they are essential. They should be as accurate as possible.

Tips for Writing a Problem Solution Essay

Audience Analysis for a Conflict Resolution Essay

It is important to identify the right people for the article that you are writing. The ideal way of knowing whether the article will receive favorable attention is through avoiding generalizations ad sorting out the audience through an exercise known as audience analysis;


Essays addressing arguments are in some way different from the problem solution essay because they are offering a solution just like a conflict essay, but they do not have an elaborate plan to go further than that. Whereas the problem and solution essay explains the needs and the feasibility of a solution, writing them can be fun and challenging at the same time.


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