Essay Conclusion Examples

The assignment has already been issued to you, and you’re still stuck not knowing what to do next. Luckily for you, our team is here to put all your hard times to rest. With us are some of the critical elements of what an excelling narrative essay conclusion. Stay tuned to find out what you didn’t know!

Just like most other forms of writings would serve given roles in a paper, the core function of an essay conclusion is more or less the same except for the fact that this time around you’ll have to do it in summary form. Just by reading the analytical essay conclusion, your audience needs to at least feel something, more like a take-home message. We mean, someone has been going through your whole paper and now it’s almost the end of it, so what now, what is it that you’ve left your reader to ponder on that will make them not regret having spared their time to go through your essay.

The ultimate goal for every professional writer whenever they are composing an essay conclusion is that at the end of the day they ought to have appealed to the reader’s emotions, get to them at their points of need. Just find out what your readers are looking for, their preferences, what intrigues them the most and use that to your advantage. And just like Nelson Mandela did with his freedom speech back then during the apartheid regime in South Africa, you’d like to apply the same approach and leave your audience touched by your words which in this case is your idea on the subject in question.

Coming up with a winning summary besides the introduction is among the most extraordinary and sensitive parts of an essay. They hold so much water when it comes to determining the overall outcome of the paper, and you’re left with no choice but to make it count. To effectively achieve this, it requires some skill of which we’re here to ensure you get there. What’s the best possible conclusion you could come up, judging from the information you presented in your essay? This is among the many winning questions you need to have in mind for you to get to where you’re headed. Mind you, and your readers are also present to judge you by your writing; okay, this happens every time, but despite that, would you like to leave a wrong impression of what kind of writer you are. Our guess, every writer seeks to leave the best idea of their work not only for the future but also to sleep well at night.

An excellent narrative essay conclusion would do a quick recap on some of the key points and ideas that were mentioned in the body of the narrative essay. Remember, this is just a recap, which means that you’re not supposed to say everything or repeat the exact thing. Doing this will make your conclusion very long leave alone being boring, and we both don’t want that for you. Best way to this is to summarize the essential information. Select the main ideas you’d wish to highlight or do a quick recap on and take your time to find and settle for the best way possible you could use to summarize your essay points and at the end of the day not distorting the information.

Yea, it sounds a bit demanding for you, but don’ you worry, over time and with regular practice you’ll get the hang of it. Nevertheless, to assist you with that, we have some of the ideas that will prove helpful when it comes to this. But then again you could as well check out some of the essay conclusion examples that are available online or in other areas to get more depth of what we’re trying to say.

The Narrative Essay Conclusion

You there wondering what’s a conclusion, well, it’s that simple and straightforward just as you would give a vote of thanks after an auspicious ceremony. However, in your majority of thanks, there are undoubtedly vital aspects that you as the speaker need not fail to mention, top among them is appreciating the main events ceremony, the distinguished guests and maybe the excellent food. The same applies to an essay conclusion, and they are not much different. We’re using a vote of thanks example to show you that there are some of the elements of what makes an excellent concluding vote of thanks that qualify it to be one. This is to give you a much broader perspective that when it comes to an analytical essay conclusion, there are as well certain things that need to be captured for it to qualify as one.

What’s an essay conclusion? Judging from face value, the mentioned question seems direct and straightforward, and you would wonder what is it that writers do miss when it comes to writing an essay conclusion. Well, you and us both. But we’re not here to wonder but to offer solutions to the many shortcomings involved when drafting an essay conclusion. An essay conclusion is a final paragraph that is usually placed at the ending of your essay. The section works, to sum up, everything mentioned in the composition and mainly focus on the top points. You can go ahead and come up with a few synonyms of what a conclusion is to show you’ve got a better depth of what you’re dealing. You’d come to appreciate that some of these phrases and words wouldn’t give you the clear view on what an essay conclusion is to leave alone essay conclusion examples but rather how it is done is what matters the most.

Not a single word could give you the best explanation of what an essay conclusion truly is. Focusing on a single word like ‘recap’ or let’s say ‘summary’ to give you an understanding and guide you in coming up with a narrative essay conclusion is not the right thing to do for you’ll end up missing out on the whole point.

So now let’s help you with that, shall we? Before going ahead to tackle the essay conclusion, how about we take a moment and appreciate some of the common mistakes that writers usually make that make the paragraph, not a qualified essay conclusion.

  • An Essay Conclusion is not Paraphrasing the Introduction

Most college lecturers many times complain of coming across essay conclusions that are technically a duplicate of the presentation. Imagine a performance at the bottom of your essay. This should hit that you don’t have any clue whatsoever as to what you’re supposed to when it comes to writing an essay conclusion. The funny part, you’d find that the body content of the essay is that good and that the outcome was just to cream the cake and here you just a drop of ink and the all the water is contaminated.

The grand opportunities you let slide will come back to bite you later when the results come out. This is you eating up words by repeating the same thing over and over. If at all the essay conclusion was simply a complete recap if the introductory paragraph, then there’s no point of doing it after all. It would be better if you’d instead end with your body section or better yet you could leave a notification, let’s say a side note just by the end of the body paragraphs that says “See introduction!”

So far we’ve seen that duplicating the introduction is just as bad as not doing the essay assignment, I’m glad you won’t be attempting such practices with your analytical essay conclusion, and we’ll admit, that’s a step in the right direction. Even though this habit is common, try following the right approach towards writing an essay conclusion. Paraphrasing means summarizing the whole content and not just repeating the exact words as they are in the introduction section.

  • Not a Summary of Body Paragraphs

This is another issue when it comes to writing an essay conclusion. You’ll mostly find students doing a recap of information in the body sections instead of summarizing, after all, what it means to summarize content in your essay conclusion! Going back to the essay paragraphs, there are several discussions that you’ve had based on the subject in question.

These discussions can be cumbersome and would cover lots of space in your essay. Imagine a situation where a writer goes ahead and repeats these arguments in conclusion without summarizing them but just tackling them one by one. This is like rewriting the whole essay, and we both don’t want that for you, do you! What you need to do is to identify what essential arguments and maybe strong points the analytical essay conclusion can’t do without and go ahead to highlight in the most summarized way possible. All this is done while keeping in mind the word count and maybe the length of the paragraph. A reasonable conclusion should not exceed at most six sentences for that will be too much information which disqualifies it from being a conclusion.

Try and avoid such redundancy when writing an essay conclusion. It shows complete disregard for the essay conclusion structure, and instructors wouldn’t take this lightly. Take your time and check out some of the essay conclusion examples to give you a better clue of what we’re talking about.

  • Don’t Bring in Additional Information

How does it when you attend some ceremony, missed the buffet due to the large population in attendance and jut when the service is about to end someone tells you that food was in excess and that it was just behind the main tent. Mind you, and you had made peace with yourself that you could do without the food and waiting to get home to sort yourself would be a better working option then someone surprises you with this. We can only imagine!

This is the same with the essay conclusion, everything that you capture in conclusion ought to be something that has already been mentioned in the essay, and now you’ll be bringing it up for emphasis. Do not be compelled to add new information to your paper, no matter how significant it might be. If the report was that important, then you should have captured it in the body of the essay and not find a way of chipping it in right now.

After all, what precisely is the essay conclusion!

So far, a good student ought to have picked what a right essay conclusion is for we’ve already given you almost everything that you need to know to excel in writing an essay conclusion. In your essay conclusion, you need to find a way of connecting with your reader in a manner as you’re not asking for it, but at the same time you’re seeking for the connection, I’m picturing a taste of both worlds. You need to come up with a rhetorical way that will look to ensure your reader buys your ideas and thoughts you raised in your essay. Remember, there is your point of view, and there is the reader’s point of view, and both might be concurring or opposing each other. Whichever the case, the goal of your analytical essay conclusion is to ensure your point of view stands out and that the reader comes to terms with it.

How best can you achieve this? Your essay conclusion is your parting ticket, and for this reason, you need to make quite an impression of yourself as an essay writer! You need to leave your readers convinced, or some persuaded or better yet win their hearts fully. The hack to this is to persuade your readers into appreciating that there has been some progress since you guys started reading the paper until now you’re finally concluding it. The readers must put down your essay having in mind that they’ve gathered new and profitable information. Such an approach is a winning one you should consider for your article.


After all this information and guidelines, what else is there to know? For us, what’s there to know is how have you been helped with your essay conclusion challenges so far. How has it been of help to you? We’d like you to share some insights with us.

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